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Safety Glass NY Wardrobes are a gliding breeze to complement your bedroom design. Manufactured to suit your space and colours, our research and development has resulted in an exciting Safety Glass NY glass and board wardrobe range.
Safety Glass NY wardrobes are functional, yet stylish:
- quiet gliding system
- custom made in house
Wardrobe doors made to order available in:
-    Mirror
-    White/Off White boards
-    White Glass
Wardrobe door configurations: 2 door, 3 door, 4 door. 
Painted Glass Wardrobe Doors

We can match any colour, simply provide the brand name and colour name!

-    Polished edged glass or mirror doors
-    Custom painted in a base colour, metallic or sparkle
-    White glass doors
-    Available in custom configurations
-    Simply to install wardrobe doors fully assembled
-    All tracks included ready to install!

Turn your wardrobe into a design feature!


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