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Glass Sliding Shower Doors

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Glass Sliding Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors give many homeowners the chance to update their bathrooms. If you are stuck with the old shower curtain, sliding doors can be the ideal update for you. Not only does this help to provide for better privacy than a shower curtain, but it also offers you the security of a glass enclosure around your tub or stall. This not only gives you the chance to save the floors around your tub from water damage, but also allows for a more modern appearance as well as adding equity to your home. Framed or frameless, the options are open to help you decide what will best meet your needs.

If you already have sliding doors, updating may mean the replacement of your glass, enclosure or the entire framed or frameless doors. Frameless doors are simply glass doors that are attached at the top and bottom of the shower stall or tub, and are connected and sealed at all edges. The glass for frameless shower doors is the same depth and strength that is used in those that are framed; there are no outer enclosures or frames. The glass options for framed or frameless sliding shower doors comes in frosted designs, clear glass with no designs or mars, smoked glass or even colored glass.

Frosted doors are generally found at retailers who offer replacement glass or the entire tub or stall enclosures. The sliding shower doors can be replaced completely, or you can opt to reuse the same glass doors and only use replacement parts for the framed areas or frameless design. There is a difference in prices when it comes to framed or frameless sliding shower doors. The glass for both is normally a 1/8 inch thick safety glass and normal enclosures for framed doors are made of anodized aluminum. Other options for enclosures include reversible top tracks for framed, nickel or bronze enclosures or even plastic.

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